Dip a full-color led display - special power Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Due to full color LED display properties of the products, when playing video or pictures will usually produce instant change of current, it puts forward more strict requirements on the LED power supply. Usually, in order to ensure the normal order of the display screen, need a certain amount of allowance for power supply products. The more general sense, surplus reserve, product performance more stable power supply, the longer the life span, however, thereby increasing the cost of power supply products, too much surplus reserve also easy to cause waste. Currently, the LED display the power of the industry are generally reserved 20% - — 30% of the allowance. So, in addition to the power supply margin reserved indexes, when choosing the power products also need to pay attention to other aspects. First of all, in order to make the life of the power supply growth, suggest use 30% more power output rated models. For example, if the system need a 100 w power supply, is recommended choose rated greater than 130 w power output models, and so on can effectively improve the service life of power supply. Second, the need to consider the power supply working environment temperature, and the presence of additional auxiliary cooling device, in high temperature power supply should be deduction output. Again, according to the application field to select the function of the power supply, such as protection function: over voltage protection, over temperature protection, over load protection etc. Application functions: signal function, remote control, telemetry, parallel functions, etc. ; Special features: power factor correction ( PFC) And electricity ( UPS) 。 Although generally display manufacturers can put forward some requirements for power supply products, but because of too much power supply manufacturers, with many unknown power products, let consumers is difficult to distinguish authenticity. To this end, the personage inside course of study gives some Suggestions: first, the appearance process. A good power supply manufacturer, its working process is very strict, because in this way can we ensure batch consistency of the product. An irresponsible manufacturers, the production of power its appearance, tin, the arrangement of components uniformity will never good. Second, the full load efficiency. The efficiency of the power supply is one of the most important indicators, high efficiency of power energy conversion rate is high, this not only conforms to the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, can real help users to save electricity saving again. Third, constant voltage power supply output voltage ripple. The size of the ripple has very big effect on the service life of electric equipment, ripple as small as possible. Fourth, the rise of temperature of the power supply work. Temperature affect the stability of the power supply and life, the temperature rise of the temperature is lower, the better. Also see from the aspects of efficiency, average heat efficiency will be small. Above is the full color led display some opinions of dedicated power supply, if you want to learn more, please contact us - 4008 368 - 386
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