Details of the LED display control scheme - at a high speed Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Trade in large screen LED display, now used in the LED lattice hundreds, thousands, or even thousands of pills. Single chip microcomputer control of the LED display, including MCU and PC communications, font data in the data processing and display control three parts. 1 piece of MCU and PC communication, and must carry on the data processing, but also for display control, is certainly hands are full. So, LED display manufacturers tell about today's high speed control scheme of the LED display: MCU and PC communication, data processing and display control are performed by 1 piece of single chip microcomputer. LED display system using the proposed speed control scheme, the circuit is simple, and shows that control of efficiency is very high. LED dot matrix tablets using the commonly used, for example, 6 cm x 6 cm of outer profile size of LED dot matrix, the screen area is less than 2 m2, 1 piece of MCS51 series single chip microcomputer can be completed. However, high speed control scheme used for large screen LED display, there are some questions to solve: the first: MCU and PC communication subject. Large screen LED display connected to the PC, the PCS to used to edit the contents of display, and will be content to the large screen LED display of the single chip microcomputer. PC and single chip microcomputer communication, does not interfere with the work of the display. Due to the display screen, a show, is a have black screen time between field and field, use of black screen time communicate no title at all. The second: increase the display number of topics. Most of the display works, display the contents of a, a, a, so cycle. Design considers only the display in front of a frame, LED dot matrix of I/O interface address and data sets up a mapping relationship between the topic of memory, therefore can only display a freeze the image. In figure 1 on the basis of the increase in figure 2, can make the LED dot matrix of I/O interface to data memory address and sets up the mapping relationship. Work, controlled by the P1 mouth multi-channel switch, switch of different section and LED dot matrix data memory I/O interface address mapping, so the screen can be a cycle shows a site. If the expansion of external data memory on the number of slices, and of P1 mouth can make one piece of effective, then will be able to expand more segment and LED dot matrix of I/O interface address mapping relationship, so, like curtain, water and some other display effect, also can be achieved. Third: font data processing of the data subject. Shows the way is more, such as frames, pull the curtain, water, water in the way and steps of water to the left, to the right. In conversion display mode, you must make a font data in the data processing, with a piece of single chip microcomputer, it also does not become a topic. Due to the conversion display mode, would have black screen 1 s to several s, this paragraph of time is just used for data processing.
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