Decryption: how is the LED display is refurbished

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
A useful life of more than 5 years of LED screen, screen picture very beautiful, you will do scrap processing directly to the screen? If your warehouse some idle housing, but the area is not big enough, not to sell, how will you handle it? If you buy different batches of leasing, together have off color, what would you do? LED display with a period of time will appear different degree of screen, Mosaic phenomenon, which is caused by different leds attenuation curve, and through point by point correction technology can effectively adjust the brightness of the LED display different light point to the same level, to heal in LED display the perfect display effect, we can put this process into the LED display screen of the old. Here we choose a piece of use more than 5 years of LED display for renovation, the first module and a blind point of bad repair, and then take advantage of high accuracy of the brightness of the LED display data point by point calibration equipment, recycling point by point calibration analysis of luminance data processing software, finally the data written to the control system will be adjusted. After this a series of process, the original color is very serious, LED display instantly become very beautiful, like and bought a brand new LED display, whether very surprised? Many LED display of users do not understand point correction technology, has caused many can also use the LED display of laid off ahead of time, no matter for LED display discard or recycle all need huge investment, and the emergence of point by point correction technology, happened to LED display can make the majority of the users to realize low investment, high return, still can continue to use the LED display, after correction for this is the practice of low carbon environmental protection measures. Why do LED display need renovation? Due to the characteristics of the LED chip and the cause of the manufacturing process, the lamp of LED screen uniformity has been in the industry is difficult to solve the problem; More due to reasons such as chip aging discrete, many to use two or three years, or even half a year's LED display presents serious spots, patch, and Mosaic 'flower screen' phenomenon. What kind of LED display can be refurbished? , of course, not all of the LED can be realized through point by point correction, such as large area of dead lights, power failure and other issues caused by the screen can't normal light, if those problems, it would have to fix the fault points to achieve the old screen. Retrofit LED display? The old screen for renovation, to repair fault point are first, to clean the whole screen, ensure the LED display a best condition, and then you can start to make the point correction. Point by point calibration is the use of optical instruments to collect the brightness of the LED display each lamp ( Or colour) Through correction software, data, scientific analysis and calculation, and the data written to the control system, after correction to achieve the LED display brightness ( Chroma) Unified process. After correction of the brightness of the LED display can maintain at 3% difference, chromaticity difference at 0. Within 003, after the correction of LED display can see the obvious improvement effect, will face a certain degree of brightness loss, of course, it's depends on the quality of the LED display. After retrofit LED display notice after all is renovated, definitely not new, the quality of display outside in the sun for such a long time after the renovation life certainly affected, droop, dead lamp rate increase. Also need to pay special attention to some undesirable businessman use is renovated screen ACTS as a new display.
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