Buy small spacing LED display should pay attention to?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-27
Attention should be paid to the LED display when buying small spacing parameters? In 2015, is a small spacing LED display leap year, the market has huge potential. Many companies scramble to enter the small spacing in this area. Lead to the products on the market is uneven. Powerful giant color engineer here remind you buy small spacing LED display should pay attention to the 3 points 'high low light grey' is the premise to ensure viewing comfort, users in the small spacing of choose and buy the primary concern is the brightness of LED products. In the traditional LED display technology, reduce the screen brightness will cause the loss of gray, and gray scale loss will directly affect the image quality, which is not colorful. As a result, high quality LED screen, small spacing is an important criterion to achieve 'high low light grey' technical indicators. In actual in the choose and buy, the user can follow 'the level of brightness of the human eye can identify the more is better' principle, the level of brightness of the so-called, is refers to the human eye can distinguish the brightness of the image from the black to the white level, the level of brightness of identified, the more that display color gamut space is larger, shows the greater the colorful natural potential, broadcast video color is more bright-coloured, the higher degree of saturation. Point spacing selection, pay attention to the balance effect and technology compared with the traditional LED display, small spacing prominent feature of the LED is smaller point spacing. In practical applications, the point spacing is smaller, the higher pixel density, suitable for viewing nearer the distance is, on the other hand, is suitable for watching the farther the distance. Small distance between the LED display screen to achieve the best visual effect, has the best stadia, with simple calculation, users can have a given formula, namely the best visual distance = point spacing / 0. 3 to 0. 8. Point spacing is smaller, the higher the cost of the LED display, small spacing in actual of choose and buy, therefore, users should consider themselves factors such as cost, demand and application scope. Resolution: pay attention to the collocation with back-end signal transmission for small spacing LED display, the point spacing is smaller, the higher the resolution, the higher the sharpness of the picture, but in practice, business users want to build the best small spacing LED display system, focusing on the screen itself resolution at the same time, also want to consider the collocation with back-end signal transmission products. In security monitoring applications, for example, the front-end monitoring system, generally includes the D1, H264, 720 p, 1080 I, 1080 p format video signal, but not all the small distance between the LED screen on the market can support the above several format video signal, so in order to avoid the waste of resources, the user when small spacing LED screen of choose and buy, be sure to on-demand choice, avoid blindly pursued trend. At present, the small distance between the LED display is still in the rise development stage, as in the actual purchase, users avoid blindly pursue fashion and ignore the other factors, especially pay attention to choose a big brand and good reputation enterprise to choose and buy. LED system is a cost-effective small spacing, numerous factors and emphasize the three aspects of this article, is a user application focuses on elements in the choose and buy.
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