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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
One, the price of LED display, choose their own like a LED display, don't just look at the price, know more about its function parameters, choose high cost performance products. Second, don't just pursue parameters, digital. The service life of the LED is very affected by the environment and method. Any manufacturer can assure you the use of time, and when people look at the screen, all hope that the higher the brightness and contrast, the better, of course, such pictures is gorgeous, more details the more excellent performance. Shenzhen tell you general brightness and contrast in the 30 or so is more appropriate. In 500 lumens brightness, contrast in 5000:1 or more products can meet the needs of the watch, a good way is to feel yourself. The size of the three, it is important to note that power consumption, power consumption directly affects the service life of the display, power consumption is big, not only inefficient, but also easy to make the display lamp accelerated aging, time grew, the display will be yellow, dark, and also a certain influence on visual effect. Fourth, after-sales service. Although the LED display is generally won't appear what problem, but what if a fault occurs, maintenance is a very troublesome thing. Most of the LED display manufacturers to provide warranty service. Remind you, buy any product is confirmed its first whether to meet the needs of the current function, don't blindly pursue powerful features and ignore the price of LED display, and waste a lot of money, to choose ensure it can meet the current needs, and it is good to have certain advance.
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