Burning night, LED display with you watch the World Cup - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Beer, Fried chicken, grilled, crayfish, and then to the relatives and friends, to a football carnival, for their favorite team crazy cry CALL, enjoy the process of pleasure. World Cup has attracted the eyes of the world, which contain the commercial value is also unusual, as long as you can in the World Cup 'appearance' is a worldwide advertising. Gao Qingming bright stadium LED display quality, completely is the quality assurance business advertising. Unique design of the soft masks and soft protection pad, even by personnel of the collision, the safety of the staff can still be guaranteed. With that can rotate to adjust own support structure, impacted by external force, can still standing. And adopt the efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reduce the football pitch distance transmission signal delay phenomenon, caused by screen showing consistency. Stadium LED display series box body hidden line design, protection grade IP65, floor after soaking rain, does not affect the subsequent use, heat faster, the box body hidden line, concise and easy, outdoor. LED screen pitch enclosure structure design, adjustable Angle, has the Angle adjustable viewing and camera shooting Angle. Widely used in sports venues. Basketball, football, etc. A busy day, small make up said just want to at night, a mouthful of beer at the game, crazy enjoy this passionate summer night. These three words alone World Cup, small make up will feel unable to suppress the heart excited, excited. 。 。 Every four years, combustion, hi turn full! Whether you are choosing to Russia, the attendants feel the deep love and the hot, or in a hotel or football theme bars with too many like-minded friends, in this wish your favorite team get victory, side never lack of people can drink lu string together.
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