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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
LED curtain wall material based on LED technology, multimedia technology and media exterior image of art and design creative perspective, combined with design elements, such as sound and video constitute a new form of public art. In recent years, with the improvement of the world economy, the development of the city, the advertising industry competition, the media in the modern city wall art form more and more get citizen reception. We, shenzhen science and technology, science and technology co. , LTD is a professional engaged in LED electronic display screen, LED optoelectronic engineering and LED application intelligent system product development, production of high and new technology enterprise, in the domestic screens enjoys a high reputation in the industry and users. Company engaged in LED the research, development, production, up to now it has formed a series of LED display products: indoor small spacing LED display, indoor full color LED display, outdoor full-color LED display, LED stage and rental screen, LED abnormity screen. Not only provide the mounting bracket, also provide a full range of LED display system, including: control system, power supply ( Socket) Drawings, software, accessories, installation structure and other services. The standardization of cabinet design, make the same size of box body can be applied to different pixel according to the requirements, the LED advertising screen installation is more convenient. LED box body is thinner, lighter, saves transportation costs. The unique waterproof casing design, accord with IP65 protection standards, can be directly used in outdoor installation. LED display can be used in different climate zones around the world, using temperature range in - 30℃— 60 ℃, our body good moistureproof and corrosion resistance, so products can be even in high humidity and high salinity of the air by the sea environment. Outdoor LED display brightness is higher than 6000 CD/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In product design, we have been adhering to the energy conservation and environmental protection design concept. Intelligent environment controller, can according to ambient brightness to adjust the screen brightness. LED display solutions provide remote centralized control management, a monitoring center can implement the control of many pieces of LED advertising screen. LED video control system with dual backup system, once the malfunction, customers can immediately switch to the standby system. 。 Companies also provide relevant maintenance spare parts, all of the spare parts are modular design, easy to after-sales maintenance. In the future, along with our country economic development, the demand of the external display promotion is more and more big, the industry will put forward more requirements on the LED display companies, higher resolution, more vivid colors. LED display industry is bound to win further, China's electronic display industry will also be constantly moving towards the world.
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