Basic knowledge introduction - full color LED display Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
At present, full color LED display has been fairly widely, today small make up you want to introduce to you some basic knowledge about full color LED display screen is introduced. One, the definition of full-color LED display, full-color LED display or LED, is a RGB control through semiconductor light-emitting diode display mode, mainly used to display text, graphics, images, video, video, animation, market signal and all kinds of information of the display. Second, the action of full-color LED display 【 1 】 Full color LED display advertising products, the effect of attracting customers. 【 2 】 Full color LED display of store, the role of the enterprise level. 【 3 】 The role of full-color LED display lighting, do STH unconventional or unorthodox. 【 4 】 Full color LED display has a universal knowledge. ( Can be used to broadcast company product information, the knowledge of the related industries) 【 5 】 Full color LED display has the role of the board. ( Promotion, recruitment information release) 【 6 】 Full color LED display has the role of the foil atmosphere. Through the display screen can play the superior leadership and all kinds of greeting guests to visit, guidance, and all kinds of festival celebration of words, etc. 【 7 】 Full color LED display has the warning role, often used for road traffic LED navigation instructions, etc. Third, be the advantage of LED display 【 1 】 Environmental protection' 2 】 High brightness' 3 】 High definition' 4 】 High reliability is above some basic knowledge about full-color LED display, if you want to learn more about full-color LED display information ( Such as: full color LED display production, price, custom, etc. ) Can call me free consulting company.
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