'Barbecue model' the dog days of LED display power how to maintenance - right LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-05
High fever continues today, all parts of the country, the hottest 'dog days' is under way, north and south have entered 'barbecue' mode. Not just us, the ancients is hot poem wants to go to the universe, it is often said, 'a poem after suffering', hot not probably is also a kind of suffering, otherwise, no the word 'GuXia'? The dog days is absolutely magnificent imagination can stimulate the poets to - — In lu you's eyes, the sun 'tile descaling scale if fire dragon', 'sit steam for cooking kettle' in the retort, the flesh the small steamed bun is also. 'It is time the dog days, the weather is hot like soup', bai juyi is not hot, 'the only bamboo window, the clothes back to solution', take off the take off, once the 'north wind window lie', 'can be proud xihe emperor' feeling. A little wind, can let the poet happiness peaks. 'Light Wan sleep clothes heavy, dense tree bitter Yin bo', this is wang wei in the summer. So, he began to 'think outside the universe,' kuang yet to the boundless. 'Poetry Buddha' also not to Harbin, too hot, want to go to the universe to cool off. Continuous high temperature weather will make human body unwell, hot summer dog days, small make up just want to send you the dog days display power use solution. Outdoor led display now is almost everywhere in our daily life, and the most used in outdoor led display, as the heart of the led display - Power can be said to be the stability is very important to the safe operation of led display, so when the dog days and the storm season you should timely to safety protection and maintenance is necessary. 1, several measures for lightning protection electricity to ensure power supply grounding is good, the display device adopts the structure of common ground that 'three' ( Equipment working grounding, power supply, lightning protection grounding) One way. @ in strong lightning or non-standard building lightning protection field when using our products, please install lightning protection facilities in input side, or you can contact our customer service personnel, we will provide you with the overall lightning protection scheme. 2, prevent space seal from the working environment temperature is too high, no air convection ( Suggest adding window shutter rainproof, below the inlet exhaust above) 。 @ advice in the selection of power supply, power should be reserved 20% allowance, prevent power at work in the process of thermal damage to the power supply. 3, the thunderstorm season control displays the humidity of the working area to keep the led display big screen area or system using the environment humidity, don't let anything in the nature of moisture into your led weaving area or system. @ in wet areas or the rainy season, and has been in a working state, the product is not 24 hours in order to guarantee the safety of your system, please contact our customer service staff, we will provide you with three prevention treatment of power supply products ( Moistureproof, mouldproof, prevent mist) 。 4, load ( Current) Damaged and the input voltage is too high, don't long time led weaving play in full white, red, green, blue, etc all bright screen, lest cause load current is too large, the power supply heating is too large, affect the service life of the power supply. Keep stable power supply, to avoid lightning and grounding protection, under the harsh natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather don't use. Advice LED large screen used more than once a week at least. Generally open screen, or system at least once a month, lit for more than 2 hours. 5, active protection to avoid the possible problems, proactive protection, as far as possible the items away from the power supply may cause harm to the power supply; And also in clean LED screen or system as far as possible to wipe gently, do waterproof, to minimize the possibility of the damage. Power supply should be placed in the environment of the low dust, dust too much can cause damage to the circuit. If the water because of various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel. Power supply work area water is forbidden, such as iron powder easily conductive metal. To create each exciting scene!
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