Back in 2013 Spring Festival gala full-color LED display display technical scheme analysis - in the background Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
In 2014 Spring Festival gala is approaching, reviewing last year's Spring Festival gala, in addition to bring us the impact of the visual sense, also shows the video display technology advances, the 2013 Spring Festival gala background full-color led display with actors as one of the fascinating process, for more than 13 audience find everything new and fresh. So this plan is how to implement? Lay people watch the scene of bustle, adept person doorways, in the Spring Festival gala background LED display to do a detailed technical analysis. Last year, full-color led display, if according to the installation position and different specifications, is divided into five different parts. LED display screen, A core background, large LED hd setting wall of the audience. Wall of setting of the LED screen sizes up to 28 x 19 meters, physical resolution up to 2952 x 1440 pixels, which is known as the 2 k screen, visual effect is very good. B screen, LED color screen, the 2013 Spring Festival gala LED display technology solutions analytical background shapes, in the outside layer and A distance is bigger than A central core background screen. The specific area of ominous. C screen, larger than B screen LED color screen, also is in 2013 Spring Festival gala background LED display technology solutions analytic shape, outside the area B layer, using the same LED cabinet in area B. B and C cascade screen. D screen, located above the stage by 500 pillar of 2 meters long stereo LED video, each side is LED screen, the front of the stage of 45 degrees above the slope shape design, makes the stage before and after a stereo echo effect can be seen from the scene of the performance of these LED video column can move up and down, spell out all sorts of modelling according to the different shapes of different performance content changes, constitute a three-dimensional display stage. E screen, located in the outermost stage, estimates used in B screen LED cabinet, due to the camera inside the most close to the stage, most of the pictures inside, through the television viewing audience feel the existence of this screen. Can only display panoramic images at the scene. In addition to the ground, the stage is surrounded by a LED screen in the round, ABCE layers of nested among them, plus the stage at the top of the mobile screen, LED video columns D with dedicated broadcast content, the whole stage according to the performance content change background image and shape, constitute a three-dimensional display of the environment. 5 piece of screen using 5 Encore processor respectively control the above five parts of the display content. From public information, the 5 LED image processor but at the same time work respectively. From the scene showed the background of case analysis, the five screens constitute roughly two kinds of basic display mode shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Mr. Liu: 189, 2650, 1801 ( QQ: 1990888666) Mr. Li: 180, 3308, 4888 ( QQ: 1265888666) Hall: 180, 3813, 5483 ( QQ: 2880698553) Zhou min: 159, 8942, 1922 ( QQ: 2880698554) Li jie: 181, 2990, 3316 ( QQ: 2880698552) Zheng: 138, 2350, 6258 ( QQ: 2880698555) Zeng Yating: 133, 1689, 5867 ( QQ: 2880698556) Zou shu good: 177, 2269, 2175 ( QQ: 2880698557) Li-yao duan, 177, 2269, 2190 ( QQ: 2880698558) Ming-ming li: 130, 6687, 7569 ( QQ: 2880698567) Light: more than 188, 2099, 3334 ( QQ: 2880698566)
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