4 and led display screen phenomenon

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
Due to the led display is also a kind of electronic products, so the hard to avoid can appear some problems in the use process for a long time, the most common problem is what we today call screen phenomenon, so, if there is flower screen led display phenomenon, how should we deal with? The cause of the led display screen flower only: power supply, adapter and interface card appear problem, the most bad a situation is led lamp bead was burn out. The most common fault in these problems is the power supply, including such as damage of adapter, power supply is loose or voltage instability. Know that the main reason we can step by step to troubleshoot problems, suit the remedy to the case to solve the phenomenon of flower screen. 1. Reconnect the communication line, and then in the case of serious finish see instruction, according to the instructions above seriously in connection, bear in mind that the interface should be tight, lest appear short circuit or poor contact phenomenon. 2. Using the multimeter to monitor whether the power of the led display is connected to the electricity, then go to find contact is quantity and line out of short circuit and replace high quality circuit on cable. 3. Using the multimeter to monitor whether the power of the led display in the ground state, find out this part of the ground line, the power supply grounding. 4. If the above measures will not solve the current problem, that is only one possibility, that is the lamp bead or led display screen is broken, suggest that good contact manufacturer to repair as soon as possible, lest the problem worse.
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