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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
In just the past 2017 years, the LED display application industry under the condition of the macro economic growth slowing, remains relatively stable development momentum. And shenzhen technology co. , LTD. , is to record, in product development and market share continuously, the government and users. According to authoritative organization analysis, with the advent of new products, popularize advanced technology such as indoor small spacing is increasingly mature, become the choice of many users, the size of the market in 2018 is expected to reach about 10 billion. Emerging market prosperity gradually, for enterprise's comprehensive ability is also a huge challenge, if simply rely on product sales, it is difficult to keep the advantage in the market in the future. Technology co. , LTD, adhering to the 'quality as the root, service for this' spirit of enterprise, is committed to creating every exciting scene, in the small spacing and the numerous products on the production of LED display show originality, design in advance. In addition, the LED stage lease has been an important application field of the market in recent years, the lunar New Year is coming soon, the press conference of technology emerge in endlessly, each star concert climaxes, have also held here at the annual meeting of companies. As a professional LED display solutions, to provide municipal engineering, radio, film and television projects, sports venues, stage rental, commercial advertising, such as a variety of solutions, to provide customers with outstanding display effect. Rental LED display, for example, provides products with super clear, ultra-thin, overstable, the characteristics of rapid assembly. Product magnesium die-cast aluminum case of the raw material used aluminum zinc alloy customization, more is not easy to deformation, and corrosion resistance, heat faster, can effectively extend the service life of the product. To improve the quality of products at the same time, the whole body are lighter and thinner. A single box body weight is only 6. 9 kg, thickness is 85 mm. The design of the box body also give full consideration to the ease of use, using stainless steel lock connection, more strong, stable and safe. Professional aviation plugs, back details such as signal power light, also fully embodies the humanized design of products. Today, the application of the LED display has more and more widely, especially commercial display LED stage rental market is given priority to with culture media, has become the focus of the enterprise. With China's policy of steady progress, entertainment and exhibition organizers in various fields business informatization construction of the new development of LED display technology, professional level unceasing enhancement, commercial LED display market will also have a larger application. In 2018, we will continue to provide excellent LED display products, efforts to create every exciting scene!
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