2015 p4 full-color LED display latest offer - price Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
The end of 2014, 2015, new start, the price of the latest full-color led display you know? The current industry p4 full-color our reference quotation for 6500 yuan per square material standard 1 light emitting chip: day, the United States CREE, Taiwan wafer, silan series 2 line protection: circuit board is three coating protection ( Anti-corrosion, antistatic, moisture) 3 PCB: 1. 8毫米~ 2。 2 mm double glass fiber copper-clad r. p. panel enclosure: sigma 1 or higher. 5 mm steel plate coating surface fluorocarbon coating treatment: switch power supply ChuangLian international brand 6 screen waterproof: bring back cover, with fans, waterproof, fully enclosed standard enclosure 7 plastic kit: all product deformation coefficient is low, in the extreme high and low temperature environment, will not bend, embrittlement, cock, no Mosaic. 8: constant current driver chip TB62747AF Toshiba original ( In extreme circumstances, parameter fluctuation coefficient, stability is the world's most famous brand, is better than that of Taiwan chip. ) Using range: 1, is used in the city square, exhibition hall, broadcasting field condition, advertising information, public welfare propaganda. 2, used in large gatherings, concerts, apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere, increase the effect of the venue, and display all kinds of business information. 3 points, large and medium-sized stadiums, timing display system, is used to broadcast the match pomp and display information. Shenzhen technology co. , LTD. : the company adopts imported high-quality closed tube core, has a large Angle, low power consumption, color uniform and not easy to die the advantages of the lamp, low failure rate, easy maintenance, standard products, streamline production, international quality, ultra-low prices. Company is the rapid urban development in the construction of display, at the same time, we deeply feel full color led display lighting engineering space is vast, and look forward to your call - 4008 368 - 386
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