You don't know the details, do not pay attention to may reduce the service life of led display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
Estimated human safety voltage is 36 v is known to all, but many people don't understand, the human body electrostatic usually can achieve a few kv even on kv voltage. Although the electrostatic discharge does not cause danger to human body, but for led display and so on semiconductor product that is fatal. This is the reason at the time of visit led display workshop, were asked to take over some of anti-static equipment, electrostatic ring, etc. 1. Sudden damage will seriously reduce the yield of the products, thus increasing the production cost of products, sudden injury means of led products components between two or more stitches above voltage than the element dielectric breakdown strength, can bear by function can be completely lost. This kind of damage is usually able to at the time of production, found through quality inspection, will not affect the customer directly, which can raise the cost of production. 2. Potential damage will reduce the service life of the products, thus causing severe damage to the customer, the potential damage in the damage of electrostatic discharge ratio is very high, has reached more than ninety percent, and caused by classical pulse energy fever caused by breakdown arranged in IC testing is very not easy to be found. This makes the product will become very unstable, in the customer's subsequent death appeared in the process of using light phenomenon will happen in succession, great impact on the life span of the led display, thus bring loss to the customer.
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