Working principle of the rotating led electronic display - 360 degrees LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Rotating LED as a new type of LED display, with its low cost, wide visual unique advantages, more and more get the attention of the people. Led display display device only one column, and a list of outdoor led display by rotating speed constant of the outdoor led display drive, at the same time by the control circuit of outdoor led display light state synchronization control, make the motor each turning Angle, the columns of the outdoor led display display content will change once, in the rotation to any one location only determine the display of the content, that is led display is used by column shows, and adopted the mechanical rotation instead of alternative scanning display. LED display 360 degrees using the eyes of the persistence of vision effect, as long as the rotation frequency is higher than the specific number, residual image is we see the display of the objects, the LED brightness changes is the key to the whole design, the current common methods of main control LED drive pulse duty ratio, it is easy to implement by digital method, and is suitable for the application of micro controller. This method to control the LED light periodically, which through the persistence of vision effect in the process of rotating the image. The design of the rotating LED display is not difficult, but to keep it shows that the stability of the image, to pay attention to the following: 1. Power supply design: as the LED control circuit will rotate, we should use metal shaft contact power supply, in order to improve the stability. 2. Horizontally ghosting: ghosting problem refers to as numbered in horizontally when viscous, to solve this problem, can join black spots between the two columns pixels, to eliminate the viscous effect. 3. Display brightness is insufficient: due to a list of the rotating LED display image will cause each column of pixels that greatly reduce the time, we can use four columns in turn LED display, it will enhance brightness 4 times. 领导( 1 ightemittingdiode) Display consists of light emitting diode array. Light-emitting diode ( 领导) Is a current control device, with high brightness, small volume, good monochromaticity, fast response speed, driving the advantages of simple, long life, can play a variety of occasions, diversity, real-time dynamic information release task, therefore has been widely used. LED large screen is through certain control method, is used to display text, images, prices and other information, and television, video signal, and is composed of LED array device of the display. Full color led display as an important media, modern information release is has been heavily promoted by the social from all walks of life especially in the business, advertising, is widely used in industry, traffic, commerce, advertising, finance, sports, electronic landscape, etc.
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