Why small spacing of LED display in market development so good? - - - - - - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
Led display is a developed quite mature product in our country, from the start, display text content is given priority to, to the after illustrated and dynamic video, is widely used in households inside and outside the advertising, stage performances, exhibition, event, the hotel lobby and other occasions. LED large screen display area, high brightness, colorful, easy to assemble, building high space utilization, low maintenance cost advantages. But before limited to LED display pixel spacing is bigger, a closer look at the picture very particles such as technical bottlenecks, failed to enter indoor in high-end mainstream applications. With the increasing maturity of the technology development of semiconductor technology, make the LED display point spacing smaller and smaller, more and more high resolution. Small spacing of this product is currently facing a television studio, power system monitoring center, space command center, command center, the government affairs hall, city monitoring center, video conference room, control building, airports, railway stations, medium and large and medium-sized enterprises and so on. Small spacing LED manufacturer's goal is very clear, and gradually from the high-end application market influence on brand extension, eventually mass applied to the commercial market. Relevant manufacturer's strategic route is also very clear: first is occupied partly replacing projectors and LCD splicing wall display products such as; Followed by the airport, shopping malls, hotels and other public places screen display, especially in the conference room. Small spacing LED products market are mainly high-end command and control, the control room, meeting room, and other fields, and these areas is traditional large-screen Mosaic products especially the projector for many years to have a very deep root with the main market. Now display screen are toward the direction of intelligent, ultra-thin lightweight, network, and with the maturity of various technology, easy to assemble, high-performance small distance between the LED display screen has been widely used in the market. With the acceleration of national informatization process, large-scale infrastructure construction, the government's emphasis on security monitoring field height as a security monitoring terminal display device, the small distance between the LED display screen will also gain greater development opportunities.
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