What role does the installed in outdoor led display - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
With digital technology, information technology, Internet, mobile Internet and social media fast development, the rising trend of media fragmentation, the time of exposure to media audiences were further divided, to draw attention to the target audience of the media in effective time will become the most development potential of the media, led display manufacturer to analysis the value of outdoor led display media: outdoor led display with its trend of development of high-definition digital became the new media is a force to be reckoned with. It is more than an extension of the traditional outdoor media and TV media, social media, such as weibo, LBS positioning and mobile terminals, build up a communication with the consumer interaction and three-dimensional space, at the same time gives the possibility of more creative, also shaped the media are its core value. A, the core business circle, casting unique space value construction of outdoor led display media place mostly in the core city landmarks, center business circle, the traffic trunk road, and other places where traffic was populated with functional. With the popularity of the urbanization process and the family car, these places have become mainstream in cities, catering business and leisure travelers indispensable important place such as shopping, work out, because of its scarcity, features such as the core, has also become the marketing value and quality of media forms. Second, the arrival rate is high, the effective cover large audience of led display screen area, has a smart, strong visual impact, perspective is wide, such traits as glamorous and color with good visibility and super clear images, combined with the unique space superiority, has led the media caught the eye of urban population. LED has a relatively stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is beneficial to LED the media of information transfer and understanding. Third, the audience recognition, boost advertising effectiveness translational research found that outdoor led display can effectively improve the audience's perception of the brand and attitude, in view of the outdoor media, most think outdoor led advertising brand is to have power on big brand and leading brand of various industries, etc. Led advertising at the same time to enhance the impression of the brand and product is very helpful, product advertising propaganda and the formation of the good brand image, for consumers to purchase is going to be a very important role.
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