What LED outdoor screen technology | to withstand the hot summer sun?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-31
Along with the continuous development of science and technology, the led display screen has been widely used in our daily life, but not everything is as people wish, led display in use process often has the problem of protection grade, led outdoor screen has what performance, sun exposure can withstand live? Next by domestic famous giant color LED display manufacturers strong science with everybody. Many clients are worried about this problem, the led display is good. But spend so much money to install a led display can not stand in the outdoor and feng shui, the feeling is very worth while. Yes, this concern is reasonable. Outdoor led display general area is larger, so is very heavy. Installed in the outdoor led display, home page need to be aware of is the design of the structure. The installation structure should be considered: the main factors such as wind, seismic, carrying; Followed by the screen body shape, structure, exterior decoration design should be coordinated and attached building or environment; Moreover, it is considered a local environmental factors, such as air humidity, air (saline content Coastal city) And so on. But even so, early outdoor led display manufacturer forecast of 50000 hours of durable, has not been realized. First of all, like the southern city, outdoor continuous high temperature, uv exposure. Led display itself in the process of operation will generate a lot of heat, coupled with outdoor temperature, the sun exposure. The situation to the led display and durable time made a 85 discount. It became a major problem of outdoor led display recognised by the market. Second, there are problems will have new technology. Led display to withstand the sun insolates, must want to use environmental protection material, through special process, no glue, just can make the led display module is to achieve both waterproof and dustproof, and uv protection environmental protection purposes. Customers when choosing display products, need to clear their own demand for led display, such as the application of the product place, environmental analysis, expectations of products, based on the analysis of a variety of reasons, to choose the right product. Finally, led display, especially after the sun insolates, screen body heat is higher, in order to ensure that the entire display system running under the steady state, to display the cooling system of research, a set of strong convective heat removal system. In addition to the heat transfer effect of the use of aluminum, the cooling system is more stable and reliable.
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