What LED display is the wireless control card

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-07
In the daily ordinary LED display replace the image text you need to use computer operation. Sometimes in a hurry to change but can't find the computer is really a trouble thing. But the phone is different, everyone will carry. The wireless LED display control card was born. Wireless control card according to the wireless transmission mode can be divided into six categories 1, 2, GSM wireless GPRS wireless LED display control card LED display control card 3, GPS wireless LED display control card 4, RF short-range wireless LED display control card, infrared remote control on demand control card 6, 5 wifi LED control card which used widely for GPRS control card and GPS control card. Can choose according to actual operation project control CARDS category. Also can directly contact control card manufacturers according to the demand for professional help. 1: GPRS wireless LED display control card GPRS wireless LED display control card, main is to use a phone card flow of GPRS network to send the LED display shows and management. The control system is mainly used in bus taxi LED display, LED screen, the body colour, lottery door head LED display, LED display system, such as meteorological site. On each control card, want to insert a phone card, each month to generate online traffic fees, generally 3 ~ 10 yuan monthly flow is enough a LED display advertising model. GPRS wireless control card products are as follows: its characteristic is: can send a lot of screen shows at the same time or advertising information, to screen for centralized management. Advantage: without being limited by the distance faults: can produce 5 ~ 10 yuan a month traffic costs. 2: RF short-range wireless RF control card LED display control card, RF wireless communication technology is adopted, the common LED control card with a RF wireless module, on the computer with a wireless LED module, RF communication between computer and control card. Advantages: won't generate additional costs, compatible with most of the serial port on the market of LED control card! Weakness: the transmission distance is limited, main control card with a small range. 3: infrared remote input infrared remote control card on demand control card, is to use an input in advance, and then remote control or buttons to control the display module flip switch on demand. Usually used in highway, police, law enforcement and other vehicles. Advantages: no other additional fees, strong compatibility, can be realized in the content of arbitrary switching. Disadvantages: input mode in advance is a single, remote control distance is limited. 4: the LED message control card is through the text to the LED display control system, to change the content of the LED display screen display control card. Mainly based on text messages, or through the GPRS network way to change the contents of the screen, the application will be more and more! Advantages: wireless SMS messages, modify the display content anytime and anywhere. Disadvantages: each message instructions will SMS charge. As pictured 5: GPS wireless control card GPS control card is on the basis of wireless GPRS control card adds to a vehicle positioning, track playback, electronic fences, speed alarm, robbery alarm and power cut-off, voice calls, camera monitoring, remote scheduling advantages: wireless content transmission without distance limitation, is rich in additional functions can meet the demand of the vast majority of faults: a month can produce 3 ~ 10 yuan a month traffic fees. Cost increases, the control card's a little high. Such as the right: 6: WIFI LED control card WIFI LED control card, as the name implies, is to use the WIFI signal to transmit data LED control card. As pictured advantages: wireless WIFI communication, does not produce other fees. PC, mobile terminal operation, convenient and simple. Disadvantages: limited to short distance communication, need to connect the WIFI network.
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