What is the led soft module - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-08
What is the led soft module? Soft module is compared with the conventional led display module, often use a hard board PCB and pan size set of mask making, no flexibility, made a piece. To meet a radian, bending or can't use, or the need for special process such as cutting Angle to make, but cost will increase a lot, and the technology is not very perfect. Led soft module was developed in order to solve the above problems, and the led soft module is also known as flexible led screen, led soft screens, because of its module softness is higher, but fold, flexible. Led soft module with conventional led electronic screen on the display principle is the same, different is using the flexible PCB and pan mask, makes module of softness particularly good, can achieve 120 degrees of fold. So the led soft module is used in what position? 1 arc screen: if the led display is the internal arc and arc is not very big or is better to do, as long as when making displays the steel structure of arc with conventional indoor display module to complete installation. But if it is within the arc radian is larger, or outer radian, then using conventional display module is not made, using led soft module is very well made. 2 cylindrical screen: in some hotels, conference rooms, lobby bar, etc have many pillars are cylindrical, designers will drop the pillars designed to display, in some special video playback to decorate to upgrade or build a special atmosphere, made up is very complex, conventional screen and led soft module into a well. 3 waves, ribbons and other special shape, wave, ribbon position of some special shape is often adopted by designer said idea, how to realize the real led display manufacturers are required to do, in the long road, led soft module successfully solved the problem. Many led the application of soft module, main is to apply the module softness is higher, but fold, flexible, as long as you can use this feature can be used to achieve, provide display system integrated solutions for you
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