What is the LED print screen? The characteristics of the LED print screen

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-26
LED print color is in full color LED display screen surface prints a custom design, general point spacing is large LED screen to make it in this way, the distance between point brightness is not high. Print screen shows during the day the stillness of the print screen, LED lamp is not bright, because the viewing distance, lamp is apart from the thin, is will not affect the visual effect, LED lights to light at night, and can display dynamic images. It usually is suitable for large area and distance to watch! Outdoor LED print screen features: 1: can display the spraying advertising pictures during the day, night can display the full color LED video program, the dynamic images, text, etc. Screen fine, colour is gorgeous. Is good enough to attract the attention of the audience, make full use of the advantages of the outdoor LED display screen. 2: energy saving, the use of low cost. The average power consumption is less than 50 w / ㎡, the equivalent of the traditional lamp type print ads and neon signs of 1/3 to 1/5; Display area is wide, can make circular arc surface billboards, also can make the LED outdoor display screen of a monster. 3: low cost, long service life. Is lower than hd display price, long service life and much higher than the neon signs. 4: a wide range of USES, suitable for all kinds of building external wall, roof, post ads, highway, etc. Direct broadcast video and text image, advertising content anytime and anywhere, follow one's inclinations to replace. Huge amount of advertising, a billboard daily dozens, hundreds of different ads, many business opportunities; Article LED lights unit structure, small volume, light weight, convenient transportation, simple installation, can install wall; Simple maintenance, any combination and replacement. Digital technology, can realize remote control, image and play all kinds of reception. The use of LED more and more widely, as the market continues to develop, LED more and more in our side also. LED lighting has been entered into our life. As for a good or bad things, each have each view. Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity
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