What is the LED display 'OE polarity' and 'data polarity'?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
A, what is 'OE polarity' and 'data polarity'? When 1, LED display, to display the content in the form of serial queue by wire transfer to the driver chip on the screen. Different chips, the data in the form of different requirements. Some chip, when the transmission of data, usually display high electric light, This is called high effective) And some light under the low level ( This is called low effective) Then, appeared the 'polarity. 2, 'OE' also known as 'enable', used to control the display screen all light is on. 3, the data is used to control a polarity of a light is on. 4, in a certain area, at the same time, light up the number of rows and the whole area in proportion to the number of lines, said the scanning way; Indoor double color for 1/16 scanning, commonly indoor full-color generally is 1/8 scanning, outdoor single color is usually 1/4 scan, outdoor full-color is generally static scan. Currently on the market of LED display driver means has two kinds of static scan and dynamic scan, static scan is divided into static compaction pixels and static virtual, dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic realities and dynamic virtual; MBI5026 drive device generally HC595 are needed in countries, Taiwan, Japan's Toshiba TB62726, generally has a 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16. Second, the OE polarity against the phenomenon of what is 1, brightness to the highest ( 15) , screen instead of the dark. With the brightness to 0, the brightest screen. This kind of phenomenon is the classic 'OE polarity' error. 2, OE backwards, sometimes there is a line on screen will appear brighter than other lines. ( 16 when esau, every 16 row has a special light. So, every four row has a special light) , note: card at any partition, the situation is not obvious. Figure 1, OE against the phenomenon of 3, 1, data polarity against the phenomenon of what data reverse polarity, the text will usually display in the form of 'reverse'. ( Note: after adjusting the data polarity, to send messages to work) Figure 2, the phenomenon of data reverse polarity. Also the figure in the OE, therefore, there is a bright line four scanning mode error, what is the phenomenon of 1, the scanning way, screen will appear some regular gibberish. Figure 3, scan error phenomenon
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