What is the classification of led display and led display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-29
LED display ( 领导小组) Is a semiconductor light emitting diode control through the display mode, the basic principle is made up of many is usually red light-emitting diodes (leds), to display character by candle light out. Used to display text, graphics, images, video, video, animation, market signals such as all kinds of information of the display. Because of the low voltage LED work ( Only 1. 5 to 3. 6V) Brightness, can take the initiative to light and to a certain extent, brightness and in voltage ( Or current) Adjust, itself and impact resistance, resistance to vibration, long life, 100000 hours) , so in the large display devices, there is no other way of display and LED display. Due to the Led display is very extensive in application, different industry, different standards, we according to the previous Led display case, according to different classification standards, we can be roughly divided into the following categories: (6 1) By using the environment can be divided into indoor, outdoor and half outdoor; ( 2) According to the color can be divided into monochrome, double colors, three colors ( Full color led display) ; ( 3) According to the control or use synchronous and asynchronous way; ( 4) According to pixel density or pixel diameter divided: as the indoor screen with LED dot matrix module specification is unified so often according to the module of the pixel diameter are mainly divided into: 30 3. 0 mm 30 62500 pixels per square meters 3. 75 mm/m2 30 5 44321 pixels. 0 mm 17222 pixels per square meter indoor table stick pixel points: P2. 5, 160000 points per square meter; P3 111111 / square meter; P4 62500 / square meter; P5 40000 / square meter; P6 27777 / square meter; 第七页。 62 17222 / square meter; P8 15625 / square meter; P10 10000 / square meter. Outdoor screen diameter and pixels of the pixel points: P10 10000 / square meter; P12. 5, 6400 points /; Square meters P16 4096 / square meter; P20 2500 / square meter; P25 1600 / square meter; P31. 25 1024 / square meter. ( 5) According to the display performance can be divided into video display: general for full color display; Text display: general for single color display; Graphic display: general for double colors display screen; On display: general for digital tube or single color display. ( 6) According to the display device can be divided into the LED digital display, The LED lattice graphic display; LED video display screen. Conventional type LED display: the steel structure will display installed in a location. Main common there is a large single mast outdoor LED advertising screen, as well as the station installed on the wall to play trains information of single and double color LED display, etc. Lease type LED display: when the design, research and development department consider that the screens are often used to install and remove, so about body connected by fast lock with positioning function, positioning accuracy, the whole cabinet installation completed within 10 seconds. Rental screen is mainly used for stage performances, weddings and large gala.
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