What is meant by led display the signal

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-11
Used in installation led display and led display, there is always not the same as the process of signal is equal to the led display unique language, if you can find out some of this signal, then to read led display that has become very easy, we have to know about the led often appear below characteristic signal. 1. OE: enabling signal in the whole screen control to signal, often used for blanking, the whole screen we only need to master the enable signal, adjust its duty ratio, we can control the brightness of the bigger. When the signal is abnormal, the led display screen will appear not bright or dark light phenomenon. 2. ABCD line signal: this A signal only when it is in A dynamic scanning, ABCD is A binary code, A is the lowest, if we use the binary logo ABCD line signal control maximum range that is 16 line 1. If this signal is abnormal, the images of the led display will appear dislocation overlap, highlight or display. 3. CLK: clock signal provided to shift pulse of the shift register, each pulse signal will cause the data removed or moved to a. Data is the data on the mouth must be sent and always signal coordination to normal we have data to be transmitted, data signal frequency must be half of the clock signal. When there is a time signal, led display screen will appear the whole display the chaotic situation.
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