What is full color led display pixel technology - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Full color LED display has been widely popular in various areas, such as shopping malls, the airport railway station, etc. Market penetration is also increased year by year. Pixel is one of the important technical indicators of full-color LED display, understand the LED display pixel technology becomes necessary, together to get to know the below. Full color LED display screen is clear, uniform color, high brightness, using high brightness LED, is still clearly visible over a long distance. The effect is good; Using nonlinear correction technology, image more clear, administrative levels feeling stronger; Reliability: the distributed scan technology and modular design technology, higher reliability, stability; Display mode diversification: support for a variety of display mode; Easy operation: the general video player software, make the system operation is very convenient. 1. Dynamic pixel: a pixel would split into several separate LED units. Each led unit reproduced in the form of time division multiplexing several adjacent pixels corresponding to the base color information. 2. Technology: virtual pixels in the display system, when the information displayed in a certain direction when rolling in a certain way, using the transient characteristics of visual effect, between the adjacent pixels will produce a series of mobile, there is no virtual pixels in the physical, to adjust each LED single pipe, in order to enhance the resolution of the full color LED display screen to achieve the best image effect, the theory is that can improve the image resolution, the general is four times. 3. Pixel sharing technologies: display terminal a complete independent pixels in time-division multiplexing way, be more adjacent pixels in the signal source information circulation refresh. With understandable signal source in the Shared display terminal in the form of time division multiplexing multiple pixels of a complete independent pixels. Through three pixel technology, can restore the real gorgeous picture color, let the viewer to enjoy the joy of the game of LED screen.
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