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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Often hear that how much is the gray-scale full-color led display, how much is the brightness, so for gray-scale full-color led display, you really know how much? Let the manufacturer to answer for us: full color led display is a kind of led display, color is rich. By the three primary colors ( Red, green, blue) Display unit of red, green, and blue gray level 256, all 16777216 colors, make electronic screen shows rich colors, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency of dynamic images displayed. Full color led display screen is clear, uniform color, high brightness, using high brightness led, is still clearly visible over a long distance. The effect is good; Using nonlinear correction technology, image more clear, administrative levels feeling stronger; Reliability: the distributed scan technology and modular design technology, higher reliability, stability; Full color led display gradations of color is gray or gray, is refers to the brightness of light and shade degree. For digital display technology, gray level is to display the number of color. In general gray level is higher, the screen showed the more colorful, the picture is more exquisite, more abundant details. Full color led display gray level mainly depends on the A/D conversion system. Of course system of video processing chip, storage and transmission system to provide all the support of the digits. At present domestic LED display mainly adopts eight processing system, namely 256 ( 28) Grey level. Simple understanding is a total of 256 from black to white brightness changes. Use RGB trichromatic can constitute a 256 x 256 x 256 = 16777216 colors. Known as the 16 million colors. International brand display mainly adopts 10 processing system, namely a level 1024 grayscale, RGB trichromatic may constitute a 10. 700 million colors. Gray though is to determine the number of color decision factors, but is not to say that restrict the bigger the better. Because first of all, the resolution of the human eye is limited, moreover the improvement of system processing digits involving system video processing, storage, transmission, scanning the change of each link, such as costs, price declines. In general civil or commercial grade products can be used in a 8-bit systems, broadcast products can use 10 systems.
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