What are the - the application of full color LED display field Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
There are a lot of things in life we all don't know, what is their real effect. Just like we often eat fruits and vegetables, we just feel like to eat, so just can buy to eat, but if we want to show them what is the role of, oneself is not clear. Because we have no clear to understand, it's like living in a very common eggs, or use electric equipment, we also know that they are the most common usage, like egg can pass different approach, into another different dishes, many of life's electrical appliances is also has a different effect. Like a display, in different places have different effect, on the television screen can help us to watch TV, computer screen we can use to work on it. And the role of full-color LED display? Now we can look at, what are its application field. First, full-color LED display used in some occasions transport. For example above the harbour, we also can see the full color LED display, so that we can learn about how ships. We may travel by boat, but we must know the time and place by boat, or you don't know how to ship. Just like our LED display in the train station or bus station, we can through these screens to know that a lot of information, because most of the trains and automobiles are similar in appearance, if we don't know their trains or the trains don't know oneself, we can easily go wrong, if on the wrong train, cause trouble really isn't a fragment, probably lost will happen. Especially in the case of he didn't have enough money, took the wrong train, we must have to buy a ticket. And if their home in a hurry, it is really a bitter also could not say. By car, too, when to sit in the wrong car often happen, so we make sure it is better to look good clear display of the above information, lest appear unexpected situation is not good to solve themselves. Second, full-color LED display application in some of the bank or other occasions. We went to the bank to handle the business we'll see the full color LED display, this time before we can know how many people in the queue, how many people in the conduction business, know how much longer you have to wait. And we can also through the screen to know that bank can deal with what kind of business, and can also learn about the other information. These are our common content. Second, we also often see display in the hospital, why? Because there are a lot of people in the hospital, whether we go to make money to register or we have to line up to buy medicine, is a lot of people, if we pay the money, we also have to line up to the window of the different medicine, in the process, we don't have anyone can ask, can do is to look at the screen, the content of the inside knows where he should go to medicine. Full-color LED display application in our life or more, we also often can see. Most of the time we don't think you know them, and when you don't know what to do, the display can play a role. Because we are not able to guarantee themselves in these processes can don't ask others, but display can provide a lot of help. Shenzhen LED display manufacturer' Service hotline: 4008 368 - 386 】 Is a research and development production and sales of indoor-outdoor full-color LED display, LED large screen and stage LED color screen, etc. Products of large enterprises. http://www。 xccled。 cn/
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