What are the precautions for led display installation? The seller package installation?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Led display after the purchase, we will need to consider the problem of installation, what are the precautions for the led display installation? Small make up that led display when installation should pay attention to these issues: personnel selection, installation, in the form of the late maintenance issues, etc. , let's look at the specific. 1, the installation personnel to select first of all, we are in the led display, need to look for professional personnel, in general, a good led display seller, will specially arrange professional personnel to install, so that we can be at ease to their installation. But if we didn't have, then we will need to find a people who know their installation to install, after all, led display installation or need more professional person to operation, and, when a lot of led display or outdoors, in installation height, if not professional, there could be dangerous. 2, led display in the form of installation note have? We also need to consider when installation form. Can consider according to the specific installation location that installed on the roof, for example, we can stand on the roof; If you want to install in the central building location, you will need to build the framework, hang up; If the location of the led display itself is reserved, so we can choose inlaying installation way. However, no matter what form choice, need to be combined with the actual situation, and pay attention to safety. 3, the late maintenance issues for this problem, may everyone wondered, at the time of installation, why need to consider the late maintenance problem? Actually, led display is not installed after sufficient, because its color is light bead, and this kind of lamp bead is relatively easy to loss, so we will need to take into account when installing the late maintenance problems, otherwise, just install regardless of later period maintenance, wait for a problem, you will be very trouble. How to solve the problem of color difference of double color led display screen?
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