What are the main features of LED electronic display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Electronic products, regardless of its size, is a technology-oriented products, general amateurs are not very familiar with its components and application method, so a lot of electronic products in front of the factory will be clearly marked 'amateurs no disassembly' prompt words, such as the LED display network professionals take you know LED electronic display these main features: 1, the display no matter you are common or LED electronic display model, at the beginning of the thick of the LED display of the most important part is the display part. According to the imaging principle, working principle and production process to have four categories of LCD, CRT, LED, PDP display classification. 2, the main function of the transmission system of LED display is by entering the specified instruction, through transmission system is set up, make its constantly, cycle, or a specified step cycle of a particular content in the LED display. This makes the transmission system has become the heart part of the electronic display screen, usually need to set up and maintain the producers. 3, picture camera system is stable, flicker-free, no dizzy eye, no ghosting, no radiation, this is the basic requirement of the camera system, video amplifier circuit and field scanning circuit and the line scan circuit should have these basic requirements, in the final stage of imaging can show clear, simple sense the strong images and text. LED display network professionals said that want to realize the above three functions, must be in the LED display can only be under special protection, and out of the security protection of the LED display can be a can open eyes of the blind, no matter how perfect your system function, can complete showed images of function and finally presents the function, lose their use value! Led electronic display price is determined by what factors
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