What are the classification _ purpose are the LED display?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-30
The classification of the LED display some? Here are in accordance with the color, function, use the environment and the distance between points. According to display color is divided into: single red, green, red, green, double colors, red, green, blue three colors according to the use function can be divided into: graphic display, multimedia video display screen, on display screen, bar screen by using the environment can be divided into: indoor display, outdoor display screen, the outdoor display screen according to the light spot diameter can be divided into: P1. 66年,P2。 0,P2。 5、P3. 0,P4。 0,P5。 0,P6。 0,P6。 66年,P8。 0, P10, P16, P20, etc. Have goods publicity, to attract customers. A store decoration, the role of the enterprise level. The role of lighting, do STH unconventional or unorthodox. Play the role of universal knowledge. ( Can be used to broadcast company product information, the knowledge of the related industries) Play the role of bulletin board. ( Promotion, recruitment information release) Play the role of foil atmosphere. Through the display screen can play the superior leadership and all kinds of greeting guests to visit, guidance, and all kinds of festival celebration of words, etc. Warning effect, often used for road traffic LED navigation instructions, etc.
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