What are the classification of led display screen LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
LED is short for light-emitting diode English LightEmittingDiode. With high brightness, vision far, image is clear, bright colors, good stability, low power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long service life, etc. LED display as a way of modern media, its purpose and more. Single color (single color display: Red or green) 。 Double colors display: red and green double colors, gray level 256, 65536 kinds of color. Full-color display: red, green, blue three primary colors, gray level 256 full-color display screen can display more than one thousand six hundred ten thousand kinds of color. According to the using situation of indoor display: less markers, general Φ - 3 mm - - - - - - Φ 8 mm, according to several to more than a dozen square meters in area. Outdoor display screen, generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters of area, high brightness, can work under the sun, wind, rain, waterproof function. Diameter and spacing of the markers indoor screen ( According to the diameter) :Φ3mmΦ3。 75 mm, 5 mm Φ, outdoor screen ( According to the distance between points) :PH12 PH10 PH14、PH16 PH20, PH25 PH31。 25日,PH37。 5. 。 。 。 。 。 5. By series classification can be divided into: LED curtain wall screen, LED soft screen, LED floor screen, LED stripes screen, LED cabinet screen ( Both electronic screen, traditional screen) , ultra-thin LED screen, LED arc screen ( Both special-shaped LED digital display screen display device, digital tube display device for 7 segment code, suitable for making the clock screen, full-color LED display, 14) Rate screen, etc. , display of digital electronic display. LED dot-matrix graphic display: display device is made up of many uniform arrangement of leds dot matrix display module, suitable for broadcast text, image information. LED video display: display device is composed of many leds, can display video, animation and video files.
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