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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Full color LED display manufacturer experts for everybody simple explanation about the LED display has super performance, exactly how it has superior performance? Learned: LED color and craft manufacture LED material is different, can produce with different energy photons, could help control the wavelength of light emitted by an LED, namely spectrum or color. 1. In the history of the first LED material is used by arsenic ( As) Gallium ( Ga) Pressure drop, its positive PN junction ( VF, voltage can be understood as a light or work) 1. 424 v, and light for the infrared spectrum. 2. Another common LED material for phosphorus ( P) Gallium ( Ga) , its positive PN junction voltage drop to 2. 261 v, the light is green. 3. Based on these two kinds of material, the early LED GaAs1 - industrial application Freely xPx material structure, theory can produce from infrared to the green light within the scope of any wavelength of LED, the subscript X represents the percentage of phosphorus instead of arsenic. General pressure drop through the PN junction can determine the wavelength of the LED color. One of the typical GaAs0. 6 p0。 4 red LED, GaAs0. 35 p0。 65 of orange light LED, GaAs0. 14 p0。 86 yellow light LED and so on. Due to manufacturing the gallium and arsenic, phosphorus element, so commonly known as the LED luminous tube for the three elements. GaN ( Gallium nitride) Blue leds, GaP of green light LED and GaAs infrared LED, luminous tube called two elements. And at present the latest technology is to use mixed aluminum ( Al) , calcium, Ca) , indium, In) And nitrogen ( N) Four elements of AlGaInN four element materials of the four elements of the LED, can cover all the visible light and part of the ultraviolet spectral range. Now you know what the super performance of full-color LED display! Yes, such as in the above information is understood to, full-color LED display, there are more advantages of performance, want to know friends, please continue to focus on this site updates.
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