What are installed outdoor led display application approval process

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
In the new media era, the use of led display field more and more widely, especially the outdoor advertising media, so the outdoor led display installation which ones need through the approval process to normal advertisement on the outdoor led display? Powerful giant color give you a detailed analysis of the outdoor led display on the concrete process of what? First of all, we should adjust measures to local conditions, and set up according to its own advertising demand, don't blindly follow suit, for example: the shop door head drop below only need a little hungry led single and double color or full color led, there is no need for formalities, only need to direct order led display, can be installed and used. If it is installed outdoors, used for outdoor media advertising, before installing the led display will need to go through the formalities related to the normal put into use. > > First, apply for registration of outdoor advertising, apply for registration of outdoor advertising should have the basic conditions: 1, shall obtain the business qualification, associated with the application matters have the ownership of the corresponding outdoor advertising media. 2, comply with the local people's government and advertising management of outdoor advertising planning requirements. > > Second: to provide the proof of registration certificate of the outdoor advertising need file: 1, a photocopy of the business license; A (2, advertising contract The original) ; A copy of the 3, advertising business permits. 4, the registration of outdoor advertising 'application form'. A (5, advertising site use agreement The original) 。 > > Finally: level of outdoor advertising, after three months if not allowed to publish, should be referred to the level of the original registration authority to apply for the registration.
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