What about full color LED display USES the control technology Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Full-color LED display sometimes there will be some problems, but how to solve? We take a look at the following: 1, USES the international most advanced 65536 ( 16位) Grey level control technology, the thorough settlement of full-color LED display at low grayscale display Mosaic phenomenon, to show the image of natural transition and delicate, bright color, fully realize the real video source reduction. 2, USES the drive plate grey level control technology, the nonlinear correction function integrated into the driving plate chip, using 65536 ( 16位) Grey level calibration technology, greatly improving the data transfer rate, improve the system stability at the same time, in the form of nonlinear correction drive LED tube, nonlinear demand to adapt full-color LED display to the human eye, which shows a vivid video images, image is more stable. 3, using gigabit levels of single cable transmission technology and board level gray scale processing technology, to greatly improve the speed of data transmission, 8 sweep screen scanning frequency is 1200 hz, eliminate the flicker phenomenon full-color LED display, eliminate the fatigue of the human eye to watch, to the greatest extent to meet the demand of the shooting digital equipment. 4, using point by point brightness control technology, which can guarantee the uniformity of full-color LED display the whole screen, the screen after a few years after the operation, the brightness of the LED tube will appear different degree of attenuation, using point by point brightness adjustment technology you just need to spend two hours to display back to the factory state of uniform. 5, the virtual display technology, pixels in the display size of the same case, four times higher than that of normal LED display resolution, make full color LED display shows incomparable fine image. 6, can be realized through software site for full color LED display screen the whole and each unit module, the brightness and contrast adjustment alone, has the memory function, ensure the consistency of the whole screen brightness. 7, using constant current driver circuit, ensure the LED luminous tube is stable, reliable, prolong the service life of the LED tube at the same time, also ensures that the LED luminous tube brightness uniformity. 8, the system redundancy technology, it is possible to realize the two-way data transmission scanning controller system, one of the damaged or scanning controller connection failure does not affect the whole screen to display properly. 9, display contrast to 6400:1, make show the image of distinct, overcome the full-color LED display by the effects of external brightness changes. 10, display colors can reach 281. 5 trillion species, fully meet the requirements of all kinds of advanced video source input, show the perfect vivid colors.
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