Wei source photoelectric for you solve the problem of common use led display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Now led display of this age is more and more high-end, so some major problems in use process, it is difficult to solve these problems may be professionals, at this point you need led display, famous manufacturer with auxiliary to solve these problems, this is mainly to introduce the famous led display manufacturer for you to solve the problem of common use. 1, what is interface standard led display interface has a variety of choice, it is best to use the DVI display interface, the current is the same as the computer standard, can direct docking, picture after docking dynamic effect is better, more flexible and convenient use, with enough software compatible ability at the same time, use more widely, not only can batch production, and convenient to maintain. 2, why production speed is slow. Many a problem for the LED display and production cycle is very complex, especially full color, use the high-end core tube, the whole production process is very complex, at the time of production need to be related to PCB design, there is need to encapsulate and glue, adjust the balance, so the design of the close on also needs a certain time. 3, full-color led display, and the difference between the patch panel. To the problem of the screen we will also consider the difference between general full color display is yellow, the patch is pure green core tube, the price is different. Other display full color effect is low, brightness is not very good, there is Mosaic, and patch panel almost does not exist, these problems have enough brightness, but also can show enough good effect. Led display, a well-known manufacturer can help you to solve many problems on the use if these issues are resolved after can use more smoothly. How to correctly calibrated full-color led display screen
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