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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
About 3 d first emerged in front of the 3 d movie is the cinema or a hot new 3 d TV at present, their principle is simple, is to use the perspective of people eyes and convergent function can generate stereo effect produced by the film. Appeared in 1922. In this video showing two overlapping images on the screen, by the audience's special glasses or front radial grating half taper lens, the audience left eye see pictures taken from the perspective of the left, right eye see pictures taken from the right perspective, through the eyes of the convergent function, synthesis of stereo images. In the 1950 s, black and white film into color and black and white TV, transition from 2 d to 3 d is a natural process. Artificial intelligence and VR technology, sweeps from their current trends, are extremely accurate convey the message that people no longer content with unilateral information received from the enterprise, tend to be more involved, but like many fashionable young people speak, we want not only the results, even stronger engagement process. Virtual reality is a new type of 3 d rendering. The technology has been widely recently. Now there are a lot of people experience virtual reality show the head, and in the next few years will be more and more people can experience this technology. VR head show not through filtering content from the external screen to work, but to generate your own eyes the image, and presents the corresponding eyes directly. VR head show usually contains two miniature display ( A) right, left , they will the head of reality through the amplification and adjustment of the optical element, and displayed in front of the user on a specific location. If the resolution of the display equipment is high enough, hardware device is large enough ( Led electronic display screen, for example) , the image magnification ratio will be higher, so the user will see a wide field of view, and flow experience will be better in the same way, augmented reality show are becoming more common. Augmented reality can put the digital world and real world together. The images were taken by led display engineer when debugging mobile phone 3 d display, actual effect to special eyes to watch it appreciate. Put on the equipment after rendering immersive feel every movement of diamond cutting; See food swoop lets a person lick one's chaps; See ads for leg Obama coming to you with a smile. Every picture let a person heart stopped, walk! The development of science and technology to at this moment, high-definition screen interactive era has come, what are you waiting for?
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