Use the LED display control card note - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
1, control card, please do not pick up on the unit board. Try to lead directly to the switch power supply, voltage in the process of work and its unit plate is not stable. Will cause the control card when fast slow, serious can't communication or program run fly need repair, especially usb control card, in the case of voltage instability may not read disk or disk error. 2, indoor, 16 sweep unit board don't pick up the whole screen debugging, a lot of indoor single color or double color, full color, even not debugging status directly to electric control card, may be large area burn unit board line scan driver behind the 4953 chip. Debugging, please just pick up a unit board debugging, unplug the debugging, then the control card 3 work, control card, please keep in a dry, relatively stable environment, high temperature, and humidity, and dust environment, the control card. 4, in the absence of electricity, it is forbidden to plug a serial port, so as to avoid damage due to improper operation computer serial port and serial port control card. 5, working in the system charged it is forbidden to adjust the control card of the input voltage, so as to avoid damage due to improper adjustment, high voltage computer serial port and serial port control card. Normal working voltage is 5 v control card. Adjust the power supply voltage, should have the control card to be removed, the slow adjustment is measured with a multimeter. 6, it is forbidden to the earthing end of the control card and sub screen frame, otherwise once assembled electrostatic on screen frame, easy to damage the computer serial port and serial port control card, destabilize communications, electrostatic serious when burning control card and the display unit on the screen. Therefore, in the outdoor screen or communication distance is far, suggested that the user must use a serial port isolator, in order to avoid the ground loop, surge, lightning, hot plug and other bad environment damage to computer serial port and control card serial ports. 7, must ensure that the correct control card and computer serial port connection, in order to avoid damage due to incorrect input signal control card serial port and computer serial port.
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