Under the premise that guarantees the quality and service, resolute don't increase the price! ! Spend the winter - 2016 Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
The recent information full screen display raw materials rise in price! ! House prices have risen - Price - Even the raw materials have risen. 2016 is the economic winter, this uncertainty in the year! One thing is certain, that is, the economy will be more and more cold, entity enterprise will be more and more difficult. 。 Now start the warm winter plan. Theme 'warm - 2016 Spend the economic winter 'although raw materials rise in price, and then the promise, under the premise that guarantees the quality and service, reduce factory gross margin! Resolute don't increase the price! ! Is willing to work with the vast number of customers friends to spend, spend the winter! But the power of an enterprise is not enough, in the call for the entrepreneurs, manufacturers, suppliers together by 'warm winter 2016 - Economic winter 'plan together, let us together to tackle the economic downturn. Will always be with you,, thank you!
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