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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
Now young people like to in love the pursuit of romance and individual character, all want to leave a in her youth the best memories, it also extends the LED display in daily life USES, became the love of the young population 'tool'. LED display as a new generation of multimedia display devices, witnessed the young men and women pioneers of sweet love. Witness love mentioned, we must first think of is the wedding the grandeur of the LED display! With the improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, LED display in the big wedding, it has changed the traditional way wedding stage background, expand the visual space of the guests, and with the collocation of color screen, spray, yarn him, make the wedding more beautiful romantic and fashionable atmosphere. Is not only a wedding, and now young people affected by the film and television play in all kinds of romantic scene, using LED display outdoor business district proposed confessions, became the most passionate way. In July 2015, changchun hongqi street mall big screen with a pair of young couples get along a bit. Display in the hero is nanling campus of jilin university sophomore, his girlfriend is about to go abroad for further study, the boy thought of confession, in this romantic way to reassure the girl to go abroad. Boy in surrounded by friends, holding a rose slowly walked to the girl's side, picked up the receiver to the girls love conversation, the day of his saying and she get along very happy, now she want to go abroad for further study, he will have been waiting for her, continue to love her! Girl very moved, took the boy's hand bouquet, two affectionate hug to each other. In October 2014, wuhan lee in the subway on the way, has met three times a long hair girl, while using a mobile phone captures the figure of the girl. But introverted mr. li never summon up courage to come forward to strike up a conversation, and since then no longer met the girl, in order not to let yourself regret in the future, Mr Li will release information on the weibo, hope everyone to help find their goddess, make their voices heard. To his surprise, his weibo has caused a lot of media attention, at the same time also received backing for huashan county, under the building package, LED display, located in optical valley capital building to help the IT male looking for subway goddess. For everyone's help and support, Mr. Li thank you very much. Although I don't know the outcome, the boy said, as long as you can to show their love and regret. On May 4, 2014 in the evening, the streets of luoyang's a romantic marriage proposal attracted many revellers. Hanging on the wall of wangfujing building, large prints, emblazoned with the words 'Zhang Xin, marry me' and a photo of a girl; Next to the LED display screen, playing boy to girl's confession; With a bouquet of roses before young man went to the girl from the crowd, knelt to propose to the girl. In the crowd cheering, girl to take the flowers and happily took her boyfriend, the boy finally embrace get beauty return. Xin brand - - - - - - - Create every exciting scene! The free service hotline: 4008 - 368 - 386
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