Survived the off-season, but died in the peak season! - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
Long before the herald boom has begun! Just maybe everyone thought would be so crazy. As long as you are available these days, don't do business also made a lot of money! However, weak weak ask you have them? Now, the LED display on the raw materials for production, what else you can think of no higher? Package prices 5% to 60%, increase in the price of PVC glass increases 40%, the plastic price increases 30%, aluminium prices to rise 30%, 30% increase in the price of iron, carton is up 30%, stainless steel is also surging 40%, preliminary price 33 freight. Congratulations to customers has delivery, before your cargo now has appreciated! See this trend, raw materials will also continue to rise, boom really started: LED display company, maybe now you are the least! Now, one day a price of raw materials, the material has risen 30% three months, and enterprise products never rise in price. Over the past 2016 years, rising house prices crazy, coal, steel, wood, stainless steel soared. When house prices are the profession, transportation, chemical materials, electronic components, packaging and printing, stainless steel, aluminum, copper ingot, start relay to soar. Up, up, up in a frenzy, China's industrial areas have been boiling. Business difficult to do! . Nowhere but with exports and domestic demand, brands to try very hard to squeeze the upstream suppliers, price war against it but try very hard to of rhythm! Boil at this economic environment, how many companies can survive this deadly 2016? On October 11, the foshan market, post-holiday sound up a piece of stainless steel, in addition to the price or price, steel mills to pull up, markets fell. Will start from 9, part of the tube factory, joined the rise in price, sending the notice of price increases gradually, say to go up, some manufacturers even a raise frequently due to the material and advise of floating price. Look from gain degrees, general is 200 - 400 yuan/ton, the highest increase 500 yuan/ton. On November 9, Shanghai copper continued to rally, the Yangtze river spot copper prices rose by 1090 yuan/ton, 41510 yuan/ton. 8, Shanghai copper main 1701 contract in 1. 43%, before recovering to close 40450 yuan/ton. More collapse is yet to come, on November 10, copper directly to harden. Soaring raw materials, intermediate business start retaliatory rise! Base paper prices began to the jedi big rebound, since entering 2016, the packing base paper rise every month, every time increases as high as 300 yuan/ton. In addition, according to relevant data, the glass prices 10% 15% rise in the price, circuit boards, components increase our price by 5%, manufactured goods each link are brewing. Raw materials prices, rising, enterprise want to rise not rise, this is called human intolerable? Is bound to jump! Want to buy a certain grasp opportunity! Some question, isn't it 'bad intention, blind speculation results each manufacturer yesterday scrambling to pricing, offer all invalid, before the actual price will be subject to telephone quote, is valid only on the day. Survived the off-season, but died in the peak season! Customer cheaper, businessmen to profit, the manufacturer is to survive, the rhythm of this is hard! Standing up to is victory, salute to manufacturing industry friend! Hard work!
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