Surface of the LED display advantages and application scope

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
What advantage advantages curved LED display? Where is the main application range? We introduce surface are below the advantage of the LED display application range. LED display screen: surface, better visual experience. Person's eye is convex curve, and LED the radian of curved surface screen after just can promise eyes see screen, equivalent to convey to the human eye. TV and display screen, curved screen can lead to better sensory experience, whether in a central position, to be able to achieve consistent sensory experience. Second, the greater flexibility. Now most of the TV, tablet, laptop screens are flat, however, if want to do a watch, the limitations of flat screen could be very large. This time, the surface of the screen you can exert its flexibility, he can make the radian of some specific products to meet the demand. Similarly, many large commercial plaza has adopted the transition type a full range of surface display, it can help advertisers to make better use of space, to accurately convey information to more people. Curved LED display applications: one, the household sector. Currently has a surface of commercial television, the future will also heavily influence 'smart home', in the sitting room, bedroom, kitchen appliances, bathroom even realize surface display control. Second, the intelligent mobile devices. Such as mobile phones, watches, portable mobile devices, such as surface screen can make product design more imaginative. If the curved surface screen can achieve freedom, means that the folding screen will also be possible. Three, architecture and advertising. Currently most common outdoor LED display surface is made up of numerous LED screen or screen splicing, if the future can better surface display mode, perhaps can greatly reduce the custom cost. Fourth, cinema. The cinema screen also slowly in the reform of curved surface screen still account for only a few now, the future is likely to be a wide range of popular, after all, the real surface screen will achieve more clear, sharp image, restore the real scene. Fifth, the meeting. If in a conference room can accommodate one thousand people prevent a giant screen, it means that the screen must be curved surface, they are likely to use when in a meeting, may also be used in a concert. Information source: powerful giant colour light electricity
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