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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
LED display with its super clear small spacing, low ash, wide color gamut, the advantages of easy correction become customers of choice, product sales are booming, by many users across the country. In order to make users of products more at ease, each kind of LED display data is completely transparent. So we can in the fierce competition in their, win the trust of users. In recent years, LED display screen stand out among the many small spacing, occupied most of LED screen market. Small spacing, just as its name implies is to screen the point spacing is small, high resolution of unit area. Indoor high-density LED display the biggest competitiveness in a seamless and display natural color is true. Usually, the lamp bead interval under two millimeters can be called a small spacing, so the screen can show a higher resolution image and video, also can show more video and image of the road. Hunan CiLi P1. 875 hunan CiLi P1. 875 hunan CiLi P1. 875 hunan zhangjiajie P1. 875 guangdong zhuhai P1. 923 shenzhen science and technology science and technology co. , LTD is a professional engaged in LED electronic display screen, LED optoelectronic engineering and LED application intelligent system product development, production of high-tech enterprises, the company is engaged in LED the research, development, production, up to now it has formed a series of LED display products: all kinds of single and double color graphic display; Table stick a full-color display; Triad table paste screen; Dot matrix display module; Full color led display; Outdoor large screen, large led electronic display screen, traffic application products. Product series include: indoor full color led display, outdoor full-color led display, rental full-color led display, 4 KHD super clear led display, all kinds of special-shaped led display customized creativity, models have P1. 25 P1。 58 P1。 45 P1。 562 P1。 667 P1。 875 P1。 923 P1。 904 P1。 935年P2 P2。 608 p3 p3。 91年p4 p4。 81 p5 p6 p8 p10 p16 and other specifications, so far, a total production of P1. 667年,P1。 875年,P1。 923 model products, the three types of small spacing display launched by the users of concern and love. So why small spacing display screen so popular? What's the secret? Today with small make up together to get to know, what is the edge a little distance between the LED display. 1. High-definition image quality, seamless splicing, enjoy the visual feast. ( Exquisite display's high resolution, high precision size seamless splicing, is a new generation of ultra hd LED display technology being reflected) 2. Ultra-high technology of magnesium aluminum zinc alloy casing, more hard than aluminum, corrosion (more than iron Module is more precise and higher content of science and technology) 3. Multi-function fittings, simple and convenient fast, Smart connectors, set the connection and aperture fine-tuning utility at a suit, all convenient for customers) 4. Energy saving province electricity ( High cooling panel processing technology, natural cooling, no fan, zero noise, longer life; Ingenious and power supply design, low loss high conversion rate, energy saving 20%) 5. Low light and high ash, the picture is more delicate, Using high quality LED lights, in bold letters, cooperate with black mask, contrast ratio is as high as 3000:1, make the image more clear and bright) 6. Easy FHD, big screen (4 k Display screen can be any size, any direction, specifications video source optional, easy FHD, 4 k large screen) 7. The craftsman spirit ( Lead in the industry unique new product show originality, design, the perfect fusion of bionics, the concept of design aesthetics, ergonomics) Shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Is a focus on full color LED display development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, has its own modern production industrial park. Equipped with high efficiency and stable complete automated production equipment, and first-class raw materials and product quality testing equipment, through the ISO9001 - 2000 quality management system certification, 3 c, CE, ROHS certification, etc. , has a number of core technology independent and perfect enterprise management standards. Developed a variety of system software, to adapt to the rapid development of social networking, meet the needs of the user. Now my company's business scope has covered all over the country, and has subsidiaries and offices in many places. And for the United States, Europe, Japan, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries export into a stable growth momentum. Companies adhering to the 'quality as the root, service for this' spirit of enterprise, established a perfect system of product quality and after-sales service network, the display industry is the industry vertical integration professional enterprise. Highlight the characteristics of product quality and the quality and the service industry.
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