Successfully developed electronic screen JLX12864G - black and white 086 video

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
This film introduces the electronic JLX12864G - 086 - PC type ( 12864 lattice black and white LCD screen) Functions: display images, characters, display, menu SLR, full screen rotation, reverse video, picture, image, simple software contrast, animation, and the most important thing is to 'black and white movie clips,' statement: this is the second half of the video broadcast movie clips, the LCD screen has been used JLX12864G - 086 - PC type black and white LCD screen, not replace, this no doubt. Technique is: I am using STC12LE516RD + 1 t of the single chip microcomputer, 40 MHZ crystal vibration, so the speed is faster, with SD memory card. As for the phantom, not my special skill, but black and white and the response speed of LCD screen itself, not as good as color fast, look like a mirage. Click to watch a video: shenzhen 12864 cog LCD module to use video teaching material first lecture next: electronic successfully developed the TFT color JLX177 - with character 006 ( Add: video)
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