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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
When everyone is the wind of this kind of plagiarism in the regrets film is how bad, so who noticed so are full-color LED display industry. In LED industry, homogeneity is the well-known problem, one of the reasons for this problem is caused by plagiarism. New Year on January 16. Yesterday in the 'young bullied' 'defendant' is now 'the plaintiff'. A few days ago, jiangsu satellite TV's ace program 'if you are the one to be copied youku run network drama' dream and reality '. On January 11, the dream and the reality producers guangzhou lai can be reflected in the media co. , LTD. Send lawyer letter to 'if you are the one', said 'if you are the one, the fifth anniversary of the short introduction male guest in the program, suspected to infringe and copying the copyright of the journal dreams and reality. Similarly full-color LED display is the same, the industry has entered a state of low-level marketing, as the stability of the chip, peripherals, and other products more and more high, the industry has entered a state of bottleneck PK. 'Li wei, director of science and technology LED display market can be said, now there are few more in-depth research. Big still copying, small factory copy companies also common occurance. Enterprise even apply for a patent may not completely true to protect the enterprise product against plagiarism. Now everyone is talking about the protection of intellectual property rights, but the really protected is very difficult. Because as long as you can see the technology, the basic can be obtain by autopsy. LED display cabinet, that is, we can see the part is easy to copy, is the only bad copy control system. Many technology is difficult to apply for a patent, can apply for is mostly appearance, technology, as long as a copycat changes a little, so you can't think I violated your patent. 'The personage inside course of study says, take the LED display appearance, also is die-casting aluminum case, as long as change size, even if it is 1 mm, the law of tort is difficult. In such a harsh market competition environment, enterprise after many years of accumulated experience instantaneous steal technology by other enterprises, for this kind of thing, just want to say don't take this play, do we have to take out their competing power technology bawcock! !
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