Stage LED rental screen of choose and buy a few main points - you have to know Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
With the rapid development of social and cultural industry, as well as people's aesthetic and constantly improve the level of, in the form of a single stage design and stage effect have already can't satisfy people's needs. Based on this progress, many new technologies, new materials, new ideas gradually become modern digital components of the choreography. Stage rental LED display with its colorful, provides the extension and supplement for stage performances, enriching the content of performance features, more and more get the favour of the stage. Modern society LED display is the perfect combination of science and technology and the media, it will show to present perfect show come out, the lead to become a new force. Compared with the previous traditional stage lights, LED display that is in the stage performance incisively and vividly, have extremely strong artistic; It not only can simulate real, reproduce the natural, but also can show the effect of image. It has the flexibility of traditional scenery, and have the characteristics of lighting system of the light source. Can let the broad masses of users from the image obtained by the amount of information, the information displayed by the greater than traditional lighting. It created a virtual image is the perfect combination of light and art. LED stage rental screen purchase cost is very high, with millions or even millions of yuan. Leasing business purchasing back hope to participate in activities to recover costs as soon as possible, try to extend the service life of the screen body at the same time, so that the screen to produce as much as possible. LED stage rental screen of choose and buy the point 1. Security and damage resistance of the product according to the installation environment analysis of rental screen, LED screen more commonly use lifting type or wall-mounted installation. Using these two kinds of installation, leasing screen weight and security have higher requirements. Because of the high rental screen need to stack, and the means of hoisting, rental screen must be thin, joint must be solid and reliable detection, to avoid careless installation, pose a potential risk to personnel. LED rental screen often need to pick up cars, ships or aircraft transportation, in the process of transporting, probably because of turbulence to the lease screen fringes have knock against, but in order not to affect the use effect, the rental screen to have a certain resistance to damage, so it can reduce the electronic components of the damage caused by shipping, lest affect normal display function. 2. Convenient installation and disassembly to ensure the safety and normal use of rental screen installation, general need rental screen is equipped with professional screen installation team, but this will increase the cost of the customer's budget. Therefore, manufacturers should design products can install convenient disassembly point of view, is advantageous for the general installation personnel can easily remove the rental screen assembly, reduce customer install artificial cost, improve the efficiency of installation. 3. Control system is easy to get started in combination when installation, leasing business to provide professional instruction manual of the control system, installed on the equipment to indicate the guide details, also facilitate staff to identify components and installation order, prevent the installation error, affect the use of the lease screen progress. 4. Quick replacement and repair when there is local rental screen display failure, LED display rental screen must be partial removable, and changing rapidly, ensure the normal order of the performance.
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