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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
In recent years, more and more widely applied in the field of LED display in the stage, all kinds of the concert stage, stage of TV program, or a New Year's concert, etc. , LED display is connected fully, without sunscreen, using the flexible characteristics of incisively and vividly used by designers, play its biggest role. Stage LED display is now widely used in concert, TV shows and large show, through the big screen to see the performance skill and the effect of the above, the content is rich and colorful, vivid effect. For friends, need or intention to demand stage LED display size have? How to choice? Answer: a, the classification of the stage LED display for you: 1. The main screen, the main LED display screen is the most central stage. Shape is a square or rectangle. Main show live on stage and show the picture, so the home screen pixels high and display requirements, specifications mainly choose P3, P4, P5. 2. Vice screen, is located in the main LED display on either side of the screen. Is there primarily to foil for the home screen, so it shows that the content of the comparison of the abstract. Requirements for pixel and display effect is not high, often use grid LED display, size specification mainly choose P7. 62, P8, P10, etc. 3. Expansion screen, the user to compare big occasions, such as large concert, singing and dancing party. Because the space is larger, there are many places can't clearly see the performances on the stage effect, so in the sides of the venue set up one or two of the big screen. Its contents are generally not live on the scene of the stage, the size of commonly used is similar to the home screen, size selection mainly P4, P5, P6. 4. Floor tile screen, this is the addition to the above three kinds of conventional screen, now also became popular. As a branch stage screen, at the foot of the stage is more cool, foil atmosphere more intense. Specification mainly choose P6. 25 second selection technique, stage LED display: at present stage models for P2 rental LED display. 6 P3. 9 P4。 8 P5。 68 P6. 25 and so on, the following is to provide some reference Suggestions, of course is not absolute, depends on customer actual need. 1. If it is a performance stage, stage of interim meetings, wedding indoor shooting out wedding stage and so on, generally require the light is downy, viewing distance is relatively close, about scope of 5 meters or so, at this point to consider effect of showing the picture accuracy, shoot out, whether to install mobile is convenient wait for a problem, the optional model is P2. 6、P3. 9 and P4. 8. 2. If the performance stage to use, comprehensive price and play effect is considered, first consider the type is P3. 9 stage LED display, when budget overruns, consider P4. Eight full color, but within 5 meters visibility effect difference is bigger, P3. 9 will be much hd. 3. If the display area is small, it is recommended that the selection of the specifications of the high density, large area can choose the specifications of the low density. Large area can choose a larger screen. Screen area suggest using P2 within 5 square meters. 6 models; Choose P3 screen area in more than 10 square meters. 9. Screen covers an area of 20 square above optional P5. 95. Along with the increase in each big ShangYan activities, the rise of LED display in the field of stage design, also LED to the prosperity of the LED display rental market, rental LED display screen has light weight, simple structure, easy tear open outfit advantage such as leasing market fast installation, high protection, impact resistance and other properties, so the rental LED display at the scene of the big ShangYan to application. Not just the stage effect, but also will be widely used in government plaza, leisure square, cultural square, large entertainment plaza, bustling commercial center, advertising information release, business street, railway stations, airports, bus station, bus, subway, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, education system, bank, securities market, the auction house, shopping center, media center etc. Stage style is varied, but LED display is bound to become a trend in this era, in today's rapid economic development in China, where market share is growing, the LED display to in every large concert, or to have the most perfect effect large-scale performances. LED display also continue our life in a show and breakthrough, after the development of the let's wait and see.
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