Some care matters - full color LED display LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
With the rapid development of LED industry, LED display application more and more widely, especially of full-color LED large screen in the field of outdoor media advertising, has become the mainstream of outdoor advertising media. But these appearance beautiful, beautiful picture often LED display will appear in this way, or another problem. In fact, some problems are not the quality problem of the product itself, and in the process of we use in everyday, do not pay attention to maintenance. Installed in high full-color LED display, installation time is not easy, it may get even harder to repair. So the protection of the LED display is a major problem. Then say how to maintenance of several items for you attention, switch panel 1. The tail: first open control computer to run normally and then open the led display big screen; 2. GuanBing: first, turn off the LED screen power supply, turn off the control software, and then shut down the computer properly; ( First close the computer's not display screen, can cause the screen body appear high window, burning lamp, serious consequences) 3. Switch screen every time more than 5 minutes; 4. To avoid all white screen in the state of the tail, because at this time for maximum power condition, the biggest impact on the distribution of the whole system of current; Two matters led display, led display appear excessive heat sometimes overly hot problems, with the display screen, the code, such as display incomplete complications. This is usually due to a control card problem or short-circuit IC surface parts. Change control card or problems of IC module can solve such problems. Three, cleaning, note 1. Regular cleaning maintenance: full color LED display screen for a long time exposed to outdoor environment in the wind, sun, rain, even if the indoor LED display in the long run, the screen will accumulate more dust and rain trace, this needs to be regular and timely cleaning effect to watch the effect in case. 2. Such as cleaning the surface of the group, please use the soft brush, brush wipe gently. It is prohibited to use any liquid substance cleaning surface of the LED module, LED lamp bead may damage otherwise; 3. Right to wipe: led display screen can use alcohol to wipe the surface, or by the use of brush, vacuum cleaner dust, not directly with wet cloth to wipe. Fourth, power supply note 1. The LED module for dc + 5 v power supply ( Working voltage: 4. 2 ~ 5. 2V) Banning the use of communication power supply; Power terminal is the cathode do not meet the ( Note: once you connect the even trigger a serious fire will burn out products) ; 2. Led display of the power supply voltage: 220 v + 10% frequency: 50 hz + / - 5%; 3. Safety earth contact is reliable, reliable ground wire from the zero line, plugged into a power supply from high-power electrical equipment; 4. Found short circuit, tripping, linear, the anomaly appeared such as smoking, should not be repeated electric test, should be timely find problems. 5. Keep stable power supply, to avoid lightning and grounding protection, under the harsh natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather don't use; 6. Must step by step to the big screen power supply, power supply, because the whole screen to maximum power status will impact on the distribution of the whole system. 7. Led display is not allowed to play full white screen for more than half an hour, the highest brightness so as not to cause too much electricity, the power cord fever, led lamp is damaged, affect the service life of the display screen, suggested that dynamic video playback is given priority to; 8. Led display products in use process, not continuous, power supply, the preparation should be separated by at least 1 minute; 9. Led display screen internal wiring, amateurs banned touch, in order to avoid electric shock, or damaged lines. If there is a problem, ask professional personage to for maintenance.
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