Small spacing of the LED display control technology

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
Small spacing LED display is a set of system collectively, including LED display system, hd display control system and cooling system, etc. Small spacing LED display USES the pixel point control technology, implementation of the brightness of the display screen pixel unit, color reducibility and uniformity of state control. Small spacing LED display the biggest competitiveness lies in a seamless and display natural color is true. Small spacing LED to develop hd screen display on the market in 2015, blue ocean market small spacing hd screen is the mainstream of the market. Industry within a few big a backbone enterprise in real time to grab the blue ocean market. For a long time, the LED display screen with represented by LCD commercial domestic products compete is an important reason why the gap on the display. With LED products high density small spacing, the short board to a great extent, make up for. It was also because of this, LED display has with the domestic product to compete with traditional style. At the beginning of the birth, small spacing LED display is broken by the traditional LED companies as the magic weapon of LED display outdoor application limitation, but expect to never wide prospect of market of indoor commercial display market pie. There is no denying the fact that compared with traditional indoor screen splicing, small spacing LED display do have certain advantages, for example, compared with the LCD splicing screen, it has the incomparable advantages of seamless; Compared with DLP splicing screen, its application form more flexible, can according to the application requirements with touching, glasses-free 3 d, 4 k technology with trend, etc. Although small spacing display there is still a bottleneck in technology, but as an innovative technology, its potential cannot be ignored. Why LED companies to small spacing LEDLED domestic enterprise is keen on the development of small spacing LED products? Answer has three aspects: first, the traditional outdoor products technology gradually govinda, indoor small spacing products into the future the main technology development space, which influence the interest of upstream manufacturers products for small spacing; Second, traditional outdoor LED market fierce price war, falling profits, terminal enterprises urgently need to find new sources of growth, improve the level of profit; Third, indoor display, especially the market into a variety of technical stalemate phase, the market opportunity, to develop the products and enter indoor engineering market, can realize the traditional LED enterprises & quot; The reconstruction of the business structure & quot; 。 Thus, the emergence of small spacing LED both technical necessity, is also the enterprise market choice, more capital chasing the instinct of the benefit and expansion drive.
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