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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
In LED display industry, small spacing has been a hotspot in recent years, and thus naturally became the main driving the market. Small spacing with hd, flat-fell seam, lightweight flexible, free installation and small space occupied advantage widely attracted users in various fields. At present, small spacing LED display is mainly used for commercial areas, such as enterprise conference room, network video conference room, school and information presentation requirements of education institutions. We know that the distance between childhood LED display at market has caused the extensive concern of the industry, there are many vendors to start into this field, small spacing to 'potential of their ears as thunderbolt' rapid development. Small spacing LED display sales in 2012 more than 200 million yuan, in 2013, its sales reached more than eight more, a full turn 4. Small spacing is not only sales continues to grow, its technology is also continuously exceed. In 2012, P2. 5 led display to enter the market opens the small spacing, 2013, P2. 0,P1。 8日,P1。 5,P1。 4,P1。 2 new products emerge in endlessly, such as records constantly refreshed, 2014, P1. 0,P0。 8 for more dots spaced products are produced to the market. In 2015, small spacing has lost its market more meaningful pursuit, today, are more small spacing area of excess 'technology'. It's enough to see, small spacing LED in a few years, the technology seems to have reached a 'top', has no need to go to a smaller span development, and the core of the product technical indicators 'space' has a comprehensive breakthrough, can meet the demand of the market today. So, by the focus will shift to what aspects? The personage inside course of study points out, small spacing LED display manufacturers focus is likely to turn to its comprehensive experience, such as the volume of a product, product structure, display performance optimization, beautiful shape, normalization and small spacing and AR, VR, as well as the combination of 3 d technology, etc. Such as chip optoelectronics co. , LTD. Product has been upgraded also small spacing have been breakthroughs, the recently launched 'leopard small spacing series' product, not only beautiful shape, its function and the product structure also has the very big improvement. Chip photoelectric marketing vice general manager of the thunderstorm, said chip photoelectric in the small space in the production of LED display products, in addition to pay attention to the product stability, comprehensive performance and so on, also very pay attention to the appearance of the product, in their enterprise, the production department of the division of labor has carried on the elaboration, the division of labor is very clear, also specially equipped with design personnel, the small distance between products made except use more pleasing, make comprehensive experience of its products more perfect. Remove the appearance of a new experience, also has a factory in exploring the normalized production of small spacing, expanding engineering market, general market, once make finished products, will be the first generalization in the field of LED display products, its significance is very significant. Home theater systems in recent years, the industry also discussed topic, he will bring us high quality audio and visual experience. Finally, small spacing with 3 d and VR, AR, such as the combination of new technologies, although there have been no successful case in the present, but the author believes that, with the development of science and technology, relying on the wisdom of the r&d staff, these will one day become the new records and new pride of the industry, will also become a new force to promote market LED display industry. For the LED display industry, the small distance between the LED is a very promising product. This product can make the LED display industry industry at least double in size at the same time bring the whole project display industry unprecedented great changes. 'Where is the growing point in 2017? 'West general-secretary He Guojing think electronic technology co. , LTD. , deputy general manager, small spacing will be a continuous hot spot. The author also believes that small space with its unique advantages, in the case of the technology is mature, and would be a continuous hot spot, and with the changing of market demand, the comprehensive experience will be more and more attention.
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