Small spacing LED display characteristics and advantages LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
New technologies, such as small spacing LED drive LED display industry rapid growth as cost prices fell sharply and display over time effect duration, small spacing LED display industry show explosive growth, and already apparent in short supply, in previous years, in the first quarter is the off-season for, in the first quarter this year began to industry demand is very strong, small spacing LED alternative splicing screen markets such as the DLP in full swing, Currently only replace 20%) , billions of civil market is beginning, small spacing led industry trend has been repeatedly confirmed, industry and capital market in the next three years we expect a little distance between the led industry compound growth rate is expected to more than 60%. 1, within the same area, product advantage compared to common display, pixels is more intensive, super clear picture 2, visual range, can be more close to 3, module is more precise and scientific and technological content higher 4, light Angle is big, wide viewing Angle, refresh rate under ultra-high 5, small spacing equal pixel, more energy saving province electricity 6 high fault rate, small spacing, small dead lamp, LED display technology had little impact on the image of small spacing small spacing LED has all the advantages of small spacing product features, with a seamless splicing, color natural reality, ultra high gray level and other characteristics, especially the high gray level to create exquisite and true color display, and the brightness can be adjusted to any conditions are applicable, and has a mature point correction technology, is quite convenient in defence of late compared with the traditional LED display, LED display pixel pitch is more small, small spacing resolution, display is becoming more and more clear and fine and smooth, this foray into indoor laid a good foundation for it.
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